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Text - Table of Contents


Chapter 1
The Meaning of Miracles
1. Principles of Miracles
2. Revelation, Time and Miracles
3. Atonement and Miracles
4. The Escape from Darkness
5. Wholeness and Spirit
6. The Illusion of Needs
7. Distortions of Miracle Impulses

Chapter 2
The Separation and the Atonement
1. The Origins of Separation
2. The Atonement as Defense
3. The Altar of God
4. Healing as Release from Fear
5. The Function of the Miracle Worker
6. Special Principles of Miracle Workers
7. Fear and Conflict
8. Cause and Effect
9. The Meaning of the Last Judgment

Chapter 3
The Innocent Perception
1. Atonement without Sacrifice
2. Miracles as True Perception
3. Perception versus Knowledge
4. Error and the Ego
5. Beyond Perception
6. Judgment and the Authority Problem
7. Creating versus the Self-Image

Chapter 4
The Illusions of the Ego
1. Right Teaching and Right Learning
2. The Ego and False Autonomy
3. Love without Conflict
4. This Need Not Be
5. The Ego-Body Illusion
6. The Rewards of God
7. Creation and Communication

Chapter 5
Healing and Wholeness
1. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit
2. The Voice for God
3. The Guide to Salvation
4. Teaching and Healing
5. The Ego's Use of Guilt
6. Time and Eternity
7. The Decision for God

Chapter 6
The Lessons of Love
1. The Message of the Crucifixion
2. The Alternative to Projection
3. The Relinquishment of Attack
4. The Only Answer
5. The Lessons of the Holy Spirit
6. To Have, Give All to All
7. To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn It
8. Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom

Chapter 7
The Gifts of the Kingdom
1. The Last Step
2. The Law of the Kingdom
3. The Reality of the Kingdom
4. Healing as the Recognition of Truth
5. Healing and the Changelessness of Mind
6. From Vigilance to Peace
7. The Totality of the Kingdom
8. The Unbelievable Belief
9. The Extension of the Kingdom
10. The Confusion of Pain and Joy
11. The State of Grace

Chapter 8
The Journey Back
1. The Direction of the Curriculum
2. The Difference between Imprisonment and Freedom
3. The Holy Encounter
4. The Gift of Freedom
5. The Undivided Will of the Sonship
6. The Treasure of God
7. The Body as a Means of Communication
8. The Body as Means or End
9. Healing as Corrected Perception

Chapter 9
The Acceptance of the Atonement
1. The Acceptance of Reality
2. The Answer to Prayer
3. The Correction of Error
4. The Holy Spirit's Plan of Forgiveness
5. The Unhealed Healer
6. The Acceptance of Your Brother
7. The Two Evaluations
8. Grandeur versus Grandiosity

Chapter 10
The Idols of Sickness
1. At Home in God
2. The Decision to Forget
3. The God of Sickness
4. The End of Sickness
5. The Denial of God

Chapter 11
God or the Ego
1. The Gifts of Fatherhood
2. The Invitation to Healing
3. From Darkness to Light
4. The Inheritance of God's Son
5. The "Dynamics" of the Ego
6. Waking to Redemption
7. The Condition of Reality
8. The Problem and the Answer

Chapter 12
The Holy Spirit's Curriculum
1. The Judgment of the Holy Spirit
2. The Way to Remember God
3. The Investment in Reality
4. Seeking and Finding
5. The Sane Curriculum
6. The Vision of Christ
7. Looking Within
8. The Attraction of Love for Love

Chapter 13
The Guiltless World
1. Guiltlessness and Invulnerability
2. The Guiltless Son of God
3. The Fear of Redemption
4. The Function of Time
5. The Two Emotions
6. Finding the Present
7. Attainment of the Real World
8. From Perception to Knowledge
9. The Cloud of Guilt
10. Release from Guilt
11. The Peace of Heaven

Chapter 14
Teaching for Truth
1. The Conditions of Learning
2. The Happy Learner
3. The Decision for Guiltlessness
4. Your Function in the Atonement
5. The Circle of Atonement
6. The Light of Communication
7. Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit
8. The Holy Meeting Place
9. The Reflection of Holiness
10. The Equality of Miracles
11. The Test of Truth

Chapter 15
The Holy Instant
1. The Two Uses of Time
2. The End of Doubt
3. Littleness versus Magnitude
4. Practicing the Holy Instant
5. The Holy Instant and Special Relationships
6. The Holy Instant and the Laws of God
7. The Needless Sacrifice
8. The Only Real Relationship
9. The Holy Instant and the Attraction of God
10. The Time of Rebirth
11. Christmas as the End of Sacrifice

Chapter 16
The Forgiveness of Illusions
1. True Empathy
2. The Power of Holiness
3. The Reward of Teaching
4. The Illusion and the Reality of Love
5. The Choice for Completion
6. The Bridge to the Real World
7. The End of Illusions

Chapter 17
Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship
1. Bringing Fantasy to Truth
2. The Forgiven World
3. Shadows of the Past
4. The Two Pictures
5. The Healed Relationship
6. Setting the Goal
7. The Call for Faith
8. The Conditions of Peace

Chapter 18
The Passing of the Dream
1. The Substitute Reality
2. The Basis of the Dream
3. Light in the Dream
4. The Little Willingness
5. The Happy Dream
6. Beyond the Body
7. I Need Do Nothing
8. The Little Garden
9. The Two Worlds

AChapter 19
The Attainment of Peace
1. Healing and Faith
2. Sin versus Error
3. The Unreality of Sin
4. The Obstacles to Peace
5. The First Obstacle: The Desire to Get Rid of It
6. The Attraction of Guilt
7. The Second Obsacle: The Belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers
8. The Attraction of Pain
9. The Third Obstacle: The Attraction of Death
10. The Incorruptible Body
11. The Fourth Obsticale: The Fear of God
12. The Lifting of the Veil

Chapter 20
The Vision of Holiness
1. Holy Week
2. The Gift of Lilies
3. Sin as an Adjustment
4. Entering the Ark
5. Heralds of Eternity
6. The Temple of the Holy Spirit
7. The Consistency of Means and End
8. The Vision of Sinlessness

Chapter 21
Reason and Perception
1. The Forgotten Song
2. The Responsibility for Sight
3. Faith, Belief and Vision
4. The Fear to Look Within
5. The Function of Reason
6. Reason versus Madness
7. The Last Unanswered Question
8. The Inner Shift

Chapter 22
Salvation and the Holy Relationship
1. The Message of the Holy Relationship
2. Your Brother's Sinlessness
3. Reason and the Forms of Error
4. The Branching of the Road
5. Weakness and Defensiveness
6. The Light of the Holy Relationship

Chapter 23
The War Against Yourself
1. The Irreconcilable Beliefs
2. The Laws of Chaos
3. Salvation without Compromise
4. Above the Battleground

Chapter 24
The Goal of Specialness
1. Specialness as a Substitute for Love
2. The Treachery of Specialness
3. The Forgiveness of Specialness
4. Specialness versus Sinlessness
5. The Christ in You
6. Salvation from Fear
7. The Meeting Place

Chapter 25
The Justice of God
1. The Link to Truth
2. The Savior from the Dark
3. Perception and Choice
4. The Light You Bring
5. The State of Sinlessness
6. The Special Function
7. The Rock of Salvation
8. Justice Returned to Love
9. The Justice of Heaven

Chapter 26
The Transition
1. The "Sacrifice" of Oneness
2. Many Forms; One Correction
3. The Borderland
4. Where Sin Has Left
5. The Little Hindrance
6. The Appointed Friend
7. The Laws of Healing
8. The Immediacy of Salvation
9. For They Have Come
10. The End of Injustice

Chapter 27
The Healing of the Dream
1. The Picture of Crucifixion
2. The Fear of Healing
3. Beyond All Symbols
4. The Quiet Answer
5. The Healing Example
6. The Witnesses to Sin
7. The Dreamer of the Dream
8. The "Hero" of the Dream

Chapter 28
The Undoing of Fear
1. The Present Memory
2. Reversing Effect and Cause
3. The Agreement to Join
4. The Greater Joining
5. The Alternate to Dreams of Fear
6. The Secret Vows
7. The Ark of Safety

Chapter 29
The Awakening
1. The Closing of the Gap
2. The Coming of the Guest
3. God's Witnesses
4. Dream Roles
5. The Changeless Dwelling Place
6. Forgiveness and the End of Time
7. Seek Not Outside Yourself
8. The Anti-Christ
9. The Forgiving Dream

Chapter 30
The New Beginning
1. Rules for Decision
2. Freedom of Will
3. Beyond All Idols
4. The Truth behind Illusions
5. The Only Purpose
6. The Justification for Forgiveness
7. The New Interpretation
8. Changeless Reality

Chapter 31
The Final Vision
1. The Simplicity of Salvation
2. Walking with Christ
3. The Self-Accused
4. The Real Alternative
5. Self-Concept versus Self
6. Recognizing the Spirit
7. The Savior's Vision
8. Choose Once Again

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